Tivoli Friheden

How a themed season
works day and night

The Client
Marketing Manager Morten Palm Andersen from the Danish small-medium sized amusement park, Tivoli Friheden.

The Challenge
“We wanted to extent the visiting hours to appeal to a larger audience, and we also wanted to raise the overall quality of our Halloween experience to meet visitors’ expectations. The thing is, we did not really have a problem with the theming that we had, but a lot of it was homemade, and therefore did not meet our quality standards, and it did not work well during dark evenings.”

The Solution
“We added a lot of high quality events including horror stories told by a dressed-up local storyteller. We also created a spellbinding Halloween theme that works both day and night, thanks to MK Themed Attractions, who showed us their fiberglass props lit up from the inside. The theming during the day is a friendly and fun kind of ”scary” that transforms into a completely different experience in the evening, where integrated light and smoke makes the Halloween theme stand out in a bit more scary way. Their sister company MK Illumination furthermore made it possible for us to combine orange leaf garlands with orange light chains and a lot of colorful RGB Halloween lighting for trees and buildings, lighting that we reuse for our Christmas season.”

The Result
“During the last four years we have experienced 100% growth for our Halloween season, which is beyond fantastic. We also experience that our added focus on extending our opening hours, with theming that transform from day to night, appeals to a larger audience and has been a massive hit among our guests. In the future we will keep creating trend-setting events and theming.”

Morten Palm Andersen, Marketing Manager at Tivoli Friheden

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